China puts more money into endless lockdown scheme, plans ‘permanent’ quarantine camps

The ruling Communist Party of China recently vowed to allocate additional resources to its Chinese “zero-tolerance” policy on the coronavirus, which includes plans to build “permanent quarantine facilities.” South China Morning MailSCMP) reported.

The Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) announced on May 16 that it will soon build “permanent” quarantine sites for Chinese coronavirus patients and organize “special teams” to conduct tests for the disease during possible future outbreaks. NHC chief Ma Xiaowei confirmed the plans in an article published by the Chinese Communist Party magazine Qiushi on Monday, the SCMP passed.

The Chinese government has regularly publicized efforts to build temporary Chinese quarantine centers for the coronavirus during past nationwide epidemics of the disease. These campaigns include the repurposing of pre-existing buildings into makeshift medical clinics. Beijing, which is directly administered by the central government of China, opened such a makeshift hospital on May 1 to house about a dozen Chinese coronavirus patients amid the latest (and ongoing) epidemic of the disease in the city. The medical facility’s opening was, in fact, a reopening after it was originally used to treat “SARS patients in 2003 and was also used to treat local COVID-19.” [Chinese coronavirus] patients in early 2020”, state China’s state-owned enterprise Global times noticed at the time.

People who were negative in the last two nucleic acid tests are lining up to leave a temporary hospital converted from the National Exhibition and Convention Center to quarantine COVID-positive people in Shanghai, China, on April 18, 2022. (Chinatopix via AP)

Li Ang, a spokesman for Beijing’s Epidemic Control Center, told reporters on April 30 that from that date the city had “already built makeshift hospitals with a capacity of 4,000 beds.” Li said Beijing was also in the process of converting “some large-scale sites into makeshift hospitals, while several districts” [were] also selecting potential makeshift hospital sites.”

The latest Chinese coronavirus epidemic in Beijing started around April 22. It followed a new outbreak of the disease in Shanghai, China’s financial center and most populous city, which caused a total shutdown of the metropolis on April 5.

NHC chief Ma Xiaowei praised his committee for the alleged “progress” in curbing the Shanghai epidemic on May 16. He said the city had “endured its toughest challenge since Wuhan” thanks to the Communist Party’s “zero tolerance” policy toward the virus, which has seen all of Shanghai’s more than 25 million residents die in their homes for 42 consecutive days. houses have been locked up since press time on May 17.

The Shanghai lockdown is reportedly set to begin easing from June 1. On May 16, Ma compared Shanghai’s continued movement restrictions with those imposed in central China’s Wuhan city in early 2020. Wuhan, where China’s coronavirus originated in late 2019, imposed a lockdown of all its more than 11 million residents from January 23 to April 8, 2020 to fight the world’s first major outbreak of the disease.

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