Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel backs Pep Guardiola over claim ‘everyone supports Liverpool’

Thomas Tuchel says he understands why Pep Guardiola believes “everyone in this country supports Liverpool”.

“Everyone in this country supports Liverpool, the media and everyone,” Guardiola said.

“Obviously because Liverpool have an incredible history in Europe, not in (the) Premier League, because they’ve only won one in 30 years, but it’s not a problem at all.”

Chelsea boss Tuchel has now sided with Guardiola as he prepares to face Liverpool in the FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday.

“I’m not a Liverpool fan,” Tuchel said.

“I can understand why he [Guardiola] has that feeling. In general, I’d say it’s hard to really argue with it.

“I didn’t say I agree 100 per cent, but I can see it. There is a huge sympathy for Liverpool in the country.”

Tuchel says he understands Guardiola’s position (Image: PA)

Tuchel says Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, whom he playfully referred to as “Kloppo” before the final, is an expert at gaining “sympathy” from neutral fans.

And the Chelsea manager insists he doesn’t mind if his side is seen as “the bad guys” at Wembley.

“Kloppo is the master of being the underdog,” added Tuchel.

“He can persuade you to be the underdog against Villarreal and against Benfica, and it’s a miracle they even draw against them.

“He does it all the time. That’s part of it, where the sympathy comes from. There is nothing to envy; Kloppo is a fantastic guy, funny guy, one of the best coaches in the world and that’s what he does. “

Tuchel says Klopp is a master at getting the public to support his teams (Image: PA)
Tuchel says Klopp is a master at getting the public to support his teams (Image: PA)

“When He Trained” [Borussia] Dortmund, the whole country loved Dortmund. Now he is training Liverpool and you have the feeling that the whole country loves Liverpool.

“It’s a great honor for him and this is what you deal with when you play a team against him. But it’s always the fun part and so if we’re the bad guys tomorrow then that’s no problem.”

“We take on that role. We don’t want to have the sympathy of the country tomorrow – we want to have the trophy.”

Tuchel hopes to emerge victorious this time and believes Klopp’s side has vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Liverpool face Chelsea in the FA Cup final on Saturday (Image: PA)
Liverpool face Chelsea in the FA Cup final on Saturday (Image: PA)

“They allow opportunities,” he said.

“We proved it – we had great chances in the Carabao Cup final. But it’s their approach. They are the team that sidelined strikers from other teams by far the most.

“They only play this high line because they always have pressure on the ball. It’s very difficult to take advantage of these spaces because you need perfect timing.

“But you can find solutions if you have a perfect day.”

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