Camila Cabello’s Champions League appearance didn’t sit well with fans and she wasn’t happy

Pop star Camila Cabello attacked fans for singing their own team’s songs during the Champions League final while she was performing, before deleting her message.

Cabello was the warm-up for the Champions League final as UEFA continues to think the game should be more like the Super Bowl.

While the delay was ongoing, UEFA was still waiting to release Cabello, meaning the match didn’t start until 8.36pm UK time, six minutes after the previously announced time, so the 25-year-old could perform her songs. .

Fans at the Stade de France, and many television viewers, were not happy with her performance and continued to sing about her.

She took to Twitter to share her dismay at the fans and bemoaned how much effort she and her team put into the display before removing it due to the backlash against her.

The fact that Cabello continued after all the delays, when she could have played while fans waited patiently for the game, was a bad decision.

It literally added an insult to those who had been sprayed with pepper spray and tear gas by police after waiting for hours to enter the stadium.

In addition to fans singing, others claimed there was booing at the Cuban performer, which probably wasn’t personal and more that the performance wasn’t necessary.

The European Club Association president claimed he wanted a pre-match show, which he got on Saturday, with the winner going up against a ‘big team’ in the opening round.

Fireworks go off as Cabello plays her set. Image: Alamy

Al-Khelaifi also saw his second suggestion come into play from 2024, with the competition’s new format.

The teams play in one group and play eight games, meaning it’s easier to put ‘big’ teams together and have them play one in game week.

Hopefully what comes next will be without another pre-match concert, but we all know that won’t be the case…

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