British Council claimed three-month-old babies are racially biased: report

A London council previously claimed that babies as young as three months old are racially biased, a report finds.

The Islington Council in London has in the past published claims that babies as young as three months old may exhibit racial prejudice, demanding that the issue of “race” be discussed with extremely young children.

The post was recently discovered by reporters on The Telegraph after the paper previously found that a number of councils in the UK had hired the services of a ‘Maoist’ anti-white organization with the aim of providing racial awareness training to daycare staff.

According to a report published Saturday, one of the boards of taking advantage of the diversity training services offered by the so-called Black Nursery Manager consultancy also previously claimed that babies as young as three months old could be racially biased towards their own caregivers.

Appearing in a post originally uploaded by an account linked to Islington Council in 2021, the claim appeared alongside another saying that “white children are highly biased in favor of whiteness” by the time they turn five. , as well as a link to material produced by the state-owned BBC on how to talk to toddlers about race.

“Basically, a lot of the research presented in support of these kinds of ideas about children and race simply conflates acceptance of one group with rejection of another,” Adrian Hart of parent campaign group Don’t Divide Us told me. The Telegraph with regard to claims similar to those of Islington Council.

“Children’s choices regarding things like doll or toy preference, in artificial experimental conditions, do not indicate whether the child takes race into account in everyday social interactions,” he continued. “Parents, educators and policy makers in both local and central government cannot simply accept such claims.”

The TelegraphThe discovery comes shortly after the paper discovered that a significant number of local councils had hired an organization pushing controversial Critical Race Theory ideas to train daycare staff in their area.

Labeled by one commentator as producing “very Maoist” material, a number of MPs have since reportedly contacted the publication to say the type of training offered by the organization should now be examined as “the most toxic and divisive sowing kind of dogma”. †

“Children need to form their own opinions while also learning to respect those of others,” Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi said earlier on the topic of ideological influence within the British school system.

“That’s why parents and carers need to be able to trust that schools are completely impartial,” he continued. “They need to be confident that their children can learn about political issues and form their own independent opinions, without being influenced by the personal views of those who teach them.”

“No school should encourage young people to pin their colors to any particular political mast,” he added.

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