Bloodborne Fan makes impressive animation of Moon Presence

A veteran Bloodborne fan takes one of the game’s most iconic bosses and turns it into a fluid and stunning animation loop.

With or without a new title from developer FromSoftware, the older catalog of games from dark souls until bloodborne continues to inspire fans to create impressive art. Recently a fan was inspired by bloodborne in particular to pay an incredible tribute to one of the bosses in the game.

This latest bit of fan art comes from Reddit user Gnomi3e, who originally posted an animation on the bloodborne subreddit. In addition, the artist also seems to have given fans a way to turn this animation into a background, giving PC players a small way to enjoy the game’s art when they’re not on the console.


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The animation created by Gnomi3e is a short loop showing the player character, the fighter in bloodborne, get ready to take on the game’s secret boss, the Moon Presence. In this short loop, the lunar presence hovers in the sky, with its tentacles shifting and swinging over that moon serving as the backdrop to the artwork. Likewise, the fighter can be seen moving in a steady, breath-like rhythm, preparing for the coming fight against the deadly nightmare that has been the driving force for the entire game.

Many fans come to see this impressive animation of the bloodborne Moon Presence commented on the original Reddit post to see if it can be turned into a wallpaper for use on their PCs. Since the animation already looks like it could be a dynamic theme for bloodborne, it’s understandable that players are interested in seeing this become a useful backdrop. In response, Gnomi3e actually made the animation available through Wallpaper Engine on Steam. Fans can find the wallpaper version of this animation here.

Of bloodborne still not on PC, the best way for players on the platform to continue to appreciate the game is through these kinds of intricate artwork or mods made for other FromSoftware titles. Still, the passion of fans can create impressive frontiers to create pieces like the art of Gnomi3e and others inspired by the game’s Eldritch theme. This continued love of the game will probably not be bloodborne ported or updated for next-gen consoles, but hopefully this consistent focus can lead to a bigger series. For now, at least the more artistically inclined fans will be able to make more of this incredible work of art for others to enjoy, share and support.

bloodborne is now available for PS4.

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