Bellator London: Logan Storley dominates Michael ‘Venom’ Page to claim interim welterweight title in London

American Logan Storley claimed the interim welterweight title at Bellator 281 with a near-perfect performance against British Michael ‘Venom’ Page in London.

Page, the home favourite, was dominated by Storley over five rounds as the new champion executed a measured game plan.

Storley was a worthy winner via split decision, despite a judge handing it to Page, 48-47.

“The fans are mad at me, I appreciate that,” said Storley.

“Boy all of me. That guy is talented. No one is behind him. Don’t bully me because I won.”

A historic evening for the British MMA and MVP was ultimately not the intention, as Storley disrupted the chances in London.

The crowd hated the action, but Storley’s decision to stick to his game plan was ultimately the right one. MVP will feel Storley has done no harm with his wrestling, but the 35-year-old’s inability to get back on his feet was undoubtedly a big factor in the second loss of his career.

Storley, on the other hand, returns home with an interim title and can now look forward to an undisputed clash with absent champion Yaroslav Amosov, who is currently fighting in Ukraine.

MVP falls flat in London

Page made a striking entrance, flanked by his brother and brother-in-law. He was as relaxed as ever and after massive knockouts for Fabian Edwards and Paul Daley, the audience expected a vintage performance from the exciting showman.

Storley had famed fighter and former UFC champion Robbie Lawler in his corner, but he didn’t feel like going with MVP.

Storley, 29, immediately took the fight to the ground and Page was forced into a defensive position for much of the first round.

After failing to make the most of his position, Storley left the start of the second lap upright. MVP was in full showman mode, challenging Storley to a missed takedown – much to the delight of the crowd.

But every time MVP came close, Storley shot his legs and too many times he was successful for Page. Page was pinned to the cage for the rest of the round. Another umpire might have stopped the pair, but Jacob Montalvo was happy to let Storley do his job and wear Page down.

It was another lap for Storley and the third followed a similar pattern as he started on the feet but moved quickly toward the ground. While Storley’s wrestling wasn’t aggressive enough to cause MVP problems, the Brit had little response to the American’s dominance.

Finally some joy for Page in fourth when Storley seemed to slow down a bit. Page was on tiptoe as he dove in and out of range at high speed. A flying knee narrowly missed, but the follow-up right landed flush on Storley and gave him a quick shake.

Page now landed a few combinations and grinned at Storley as he tried to respond. Storley might have felt the bullet as he fired for another takedown, seeing the bullet press on Page again.

In the final round, Page, now in need of a knockout, attempted another flying knee, but it exposed him to the takedown. Page tried to get up, but when he tried to get up halfway through the round, Storley threw him back to the canvas.

The fight ended with Page on the ground and there were no complaints from MVP as his rival was declared the winner.

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