Apple Insider Unveils Exciting New iPhone 14 Pro Upgrade

A new report claims that a brilliant new feature could be coming to the iPhone 14 Pro, powered by the software to be unveiled soon.

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Apple’s next major iPhone software release, iOS 16, will be unveiled at Apple’s upcoming special event, the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The keynote will be a pre-recorded event, but with a personal contingent: streamed to a small group of developers in Cupertino and simultaneously to the rest of the world. It could reveal Apple’s largest new product category in nearly eight years.

Even if it doesn’t, there will certainly be first glances at Apple’s software platforms: iOS for iPhone, iPadOS for iPad, macOS for Apple Macs, tvOS for Apple TV, and watchOS for Apple Watch.

Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has some news in his latest Power On newsletter about what iOS 16 includes. While most of the innovations are software-only, at least one indicates something that may be locked only to the iPhone 14 series, or parts of it.

Always-on screen

This is a feature the iPhone never had, although many Android phones do. Still, Apple’s mantra seems to be “Don’t do it first, do it right”.

The best always-on screens show the time, which notifications are waiting, whether an alarm is set, and so on. You can configure them to display exactly what you want, including, in the case of the excellent Huawei screens, a cute animation. It means you can look at the iPhone and see the time even without touching it.

All this without killing the battery.

Gurman claims that assuming this new feature makes it, it will be reserved for Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, that is, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, if the other two phones are so named, will win’ I don’t have it.

It’s a feature that’s been in the pipeline for a long time because, according to Gurman, it’s “something Apple originally planned for last year’s iPhone 13. This could allow the iPhone to significantly lower the frame rate on the lock screen and quickly enter the lock screen.” eye-catching information—similar to newer Apple Watches.”

If it happens, it’s a big problem.

Also in iOS 16

Gurman also claims there will be an extensive set of changes to the operating system, including “updates to notifications, iPad multitasking, and the Messages and Health apps. The makeover also includes some of the interface that’s often an afterthought: the lock screen.”

He rightly points out that the most frequently used feature on the lock screen is probably the flashlight button — if your usage is similar to mine, that is.

New “wallpapers with widget-like capabilities” are predicted. There are no more details from Gurman on this, but it sounds exciting and suggests a more innovative and useful lock screen.


The next iPhone software is expected to include an improved Messages app with “more social network-like functionality, especially around audio messages.”

Messaging already has a ton of cool features like the ability to add confetti or balloons to texts and the fact that the advanced stuff is only available between Apple users adds to the exclusivity and might help a wholesale move to the multi platform to stop WhatsApp.


New features are expected for the Health app on the iPhone, and though Gurman says there will be “enough”. There are no more details yet.

More details when we have them, but not long before it’s all revealed.

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