Apple inadvertently unveils a surprising new product that could be here in a few days

A new report shows that unveiling an Apple Augmented Reality (AR) headset seems more likely than ever.

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Monday, June 6 is the date for the keynote opening this year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). And it seems increasingly likely that it will end with One More Thing, Apple’s favorite phrase for something completely new.

The last One More Thing was when the first Apple Watch was unveiled alongside the iPhone 6 in September 2014.

So why is the possibility of the new headset, dubbed Apple Glass by some, a surprise?

Well, even the most thoughtful analysts like Mark Gurman were hesitant to predict that WWDC would be the time for this reveal, saying only it would be this year. According to Gurman, the Apple Board recently got access to a demo of the headset, so it sounds like it’s close, but the idea of ​​a WWDC unveiling has been low.

That may have changed now, thanks to a new development: Parker Ortolani of The Verge has said that a company has registered the RealityOS trademark. It is generally believed to be the name of the AR headset operating software. It was submitted on June 8, 2022 as the deadline for international submission. Now, that date, I hardly need to point out, is just days after the WWDC keynote, and such deadlines are sometimes set right after an unveiling.

The trademark is “specific to ‘portable computer hardware,'” Ortolani says.

To me, the biggest reason for suggesting that the headset could be unveiled this week is that WWDC is all about developers and using the headset requires apps, so developers will have to start working on it right away to get them ready. have for the new product.

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Apple usually announces a product and releases it a few days later, unless it’s a brand new product category. The first iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch were all unveiled months and months before going on sale.

The trademark came from a company called Realityo Systems LLC which, according to Ortolani, “has the exact same address as the shell companies Apple used to hold the macOS California names.”

In addition, another application in Uganda earlier this year even uses Apple’s San Francisco font.

Does all this mean that the product will definitely be unveiled?

Not quite. But there are other clues. Mark Gurman previously said he understood the headset would be unveiled at an Apple event that was live, not virtual. That makes sense, because the first comments will come from people who view the headset in person.

This year’s WWDC is virtual, but – crucially – with a personal presence from a small group of developers and guests. This in-person element happens, so the headset demos for guests can take place.

We’ll know in a little over a week.

Oh and, one more thing, if you’ll excuse the sentence. After unveiling the Apple Watch, Tim Cook took the stage wearing it. Will he do the same with the headset this time?

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