Apex Legends Players Want More Changes To Crypto

Apex Legends recently saw characters like Crypto get some notable updates, and now players want to see more changes to the Legend.

There are only a few shooting games today that offer a diverse selection of characters such as Apex Legends† Currently in its 13th season, the Battle Royale title continues to grow strongly among fans. As the developers want to make continuous updates to the roster and gameplay elements, Apex Legends players seemingly want more changes to be made, especially to characters like Crypto.

Part of the challenge of providing a Battle Royale title with a variety of unique playable characters is the need to update the game consistently to ensure a balanced experience for all players. This is especially troublesome when certain characters are designed to be difficult to use. For example, quite a few gamers consider Crypto to be one of the hardest legends to learn compared to other characters in Apex Legends† But while Crypto got a long-awaited improvement in Season 12, players want more changes to the Legend, as some argue that the update has hindered the game rather than making it better.


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Recently, a player of the Apex Legends subreddit pointed out that Crypto’s buff was actually a nerf. User Kai-ni lists three main issues that cause problems for Crypto players, such as the seemingly long time it takes to enter the drone without a visual indicator, the drone looking the wrong way after entering, and the loud noise around the drone action of Crypto. The post is only a day old, but so far it has received more than 130 votes and more than 60 comments, many of which agree with Kali-ni’s points.

The post also suggests possible changes that could be implemented to improve the Apex Legends character. These range from reducing the time it takes to fully enter the drone to reintroducing the health of the drone, which it had before the recent Crypto update. Amid the ongoing Apex Legends Season 13, aside from “general awkwardness,” the user further attributes the biggest problem with the last season to volume, pointing to a similar problem to Revenant’s ultimate.

As of now, it is unclear whether the developers will take note of the focus around the Crypto character to make more changes. Players are already experiencing issues with a recent RV update on Apex Legends where certain out-of-bounds areas on maps no longer work as intended. As such, it is possible that Respawn will release a patch to fix this and may also include some changes to Crypto’s quality of life. For now, only time will tell if such changes come.

Apex Legends is now available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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