Apex Legends Mobile – Unleash the Guide to Penalty Events

Apex Legends Mobile’s Unleash Punishment event.

The recent launch of Apex Legends Mobile by Respawn Entertainment has brought many features that are currently exclusive to mobile. One such feature is the season’s debut legend: Fade. But unlike previous Legends, Fade has not been formally introduced to players through an episode of Stories from the Outlands. But there’s a very good reason for that: Revealing Fade’s mysterious history is up to Apex players themselves.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Prime Time launched with a much smaller Battle Pass, and many players have already noticed that the transition screens unlocked in the console/PC version of the game are missing from the Prime Time Battle Pass. Players typically get information about each season’s plot through weekly in-game story chapters and transition screens, which are full of knowledge. But a closer look at Apex Mobile reveals a Fade-centered story event that players must literally put together. Here’s an overview of the Unleash Punishment event and how you can reap the benefits.