10 Things in Tech: Google Hiring Shakeup

You made it through Friday, readers. Google is updating its notoriously lengthy hiring process and new drone footage shows Tesla making its Model Y SUV.

Let’s dive in.

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Sundar Pichai wears a gray jacket over a white t-shirt and smiles on stage.

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1. Leaked documents show that Google is radically changing the way its staff hires. Google has a notoriously long and frustrating hiring process. But new changes can help the company hire faster and stay competitive in the battle for talent. Here’s what’s new:

  • Candidates are assigned a team within Google much earlier in the application process, the documents say. Previously, candidates were often not assigned to a team until the application process was largely completed.
  • As a result, some applicants will even skip parts of the process.
  • Launched this month, the changes will be applied globally to technical positions such as software engineers and UX designers, and will affect candidates between level three and level seven.

Take a closer look at what’s changing.

In other news:

Miami Bitcoin

Ian Witlen

2. Shipping from Bitcoin 2022: At the Miami conference, Robinhood announced that eligible customers can now send and receive crypto, and “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary predicts a rush of investment in crypto once US regulations and policies are enacted.

3. Twitter employees react to Elon Musk’s investment and board seat. Reactions were mixed, some employees were frustrated with his new role and quick attempts to influence business decisions, and others were simply happy that Twitter was out of stock. Here’s what employees told us as the social media giant prepares to host an AMA session with Musk.

4. Former Employees At Shuttered Startup Quick Detail Chaotic Management, Over-Rental, And Spending Money Like “Drunk Sailors.” Company employees raised $120 million in funding from the likes of Stripe and Index Ventures, but unsustainable workforce growth and rudderless management contributed to its rapid demise.

5. A former executive claims fintech unicorn Array has created a “false illusion” of success. The exec alleges that the company, which sells credit scoring and ID protection products to other fintechs, has inflated its revenues and fabricated fake clients to deceive investors. What we know so far.

6. Twitter is testing an “unmentioning” feature. Currently limited to some users, the feature would allow people to remove themselves from conversations and threads they don’t want to be a part of. Discover the ‘Don’t @ me’ feature.

7. An elementary school teacher doubled his salary by switching to technology. After four years of teaching, Gianni LaTange changed careers and became a


developer advocate, who will receive a total compensation package of $175,000 within two years. They explain how they did that.

8. These 25 companies have the highest paying internships. Most businesses are in technology and finance, and include companies like Google, PayPal, and American Express — but Roblox is leading the way, offering interns nearly $10,000 a month. See which other companies made the list.

Odds and Points:

A Model Y SUV leaves Tesla's new factory in Germany on March 22.

Getty Images Europe

9. Drone footage shows Tesla building the Model Y SUV at its new factory in Germany. The video, posted to YouTube, shows an army of robots, machines and human workers assembling the vehicle in the newly operational Gigafactory Berlin. Watch the video here.

10. Meanwhile, in Texas: Tesla kicked off production at its new Texas plant with an invite-only “Cyber ​​Rodeo” party, which CEO Elon Musk said could be “literally the biggest party on Earth.” See photos of the event.

The latest people moves in tech:

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